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Our Work.

We invest in grass-seed, grassroots, and grass-tops organizations while moving forward to build an equitable community among our table partners.  This work is not done alone. With our growing staff, who are all experts in their field, the Michigan Voices team will continue to help support, train, and work with our table partners to build capacity, membership, and POWER.

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In the digital age, leveraging data-driven strategies and innovative technologies is crucial to our success. MV is committed to harnessing the power of data to inform our advocacy, engagement, and outreach efforts, ensuring that our work remains agile, efficient, and impactful.


The Data Department works as a regular support to partner organizations that use data to conduct voter outreach programs. In addition to funding voter outreach tools, the data department also provides support, training and guidance on how to utilize the tools for data-informed programming.


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The goal of our Democracy Department is to fund and support organizations working in the areas of voting rights and election protection. Our Democracy Department operates with partners across the state and we meet frequently with them to keep channels of communication open and to share ideas. 


We engage in year-round relationship-based organizing because there are no off-years when it comes to defending democracy. Areas of support include canvassing, phone banking, voter registration, voter education, election protection, poll monitoring, on-the-ground support on election day, accessibility, and representation, such as ADA compliance and bilingual poll monitors.

Michigan Voices staff and partner organizations pay particular attention to ensuring that communities most impacted by disenfranchisement and lack of representation are equipped with the confidence of understanding their rights as voters. Our strong relationship and continued communication with these communities throughout the year allow us to support partners where gaps exist. We also make sure that there is a network available to assist voters on election day when issues arise at the polls and beyond. 

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The goal of our Integrated Voter Engagement Department is year-round capacity building in historically underrepresented communities in order to increase voter turnout, create policy change, and sustain engagement between elections. We work with our partners to train community members in areas such as voter registration, voter education, canvassing, get-out-the-vote efforts, and election protection. We pair strategies that integrate year-round nonpartisan voter engagement with community organizing activities in order to build a strong base of support. This approach strengthens an organization’s ability to have an impact on the issues they are rooted in and helps to build the foundations of long-term transformational power in the communities they serve. We also work to impact public policy and hold elected officials, decision-makers, and corporations accountable.

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The goal of the Reproductive Justice Department is to support efforts to protect reproductive rights in Michigan and is centered around BIPOC and LGBTQ+ people.  We know that laws restricting access to reproductive health care hurt marginalized communities the most, so we work closely with our partners in those communities in the areas of education, advocacy, and policy change. Our Reproductive Justice team was on the front lines of the fight for reproductive rights during Michigan’s 2022 midterm election. Michigan Voices was part of the  Michigan Reproductive Freedom for All coalition alongside the ACLU of Michigan and Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan. While the 2022 proposal to codify reproductive rights passed with a comfortable majority, there is still much work to be done, especially in communities where access is limited and pregnant people are not able to bear the financial burden of abortion care.

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