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Michigan Voices (MV), an affiliate of State Voices, was established in 2005 as the statewide civic engagement collaborative table to educate, engage, activate, and protect underrepresented and disenfranchised communities and to ensure their full and equitable access to the democratic process.

We seek to ensure full and equitable access to the democratic process by helping to build capacity in progressive nonprofit groups that are led by and engage BIPOC people. We provide resources to help these organizations become self-sustaining in their mission to bring social justice to their communities. 

We champion a democracy where all Michiganders can and do exercise their power to impact the decisions that shape our local, state, and federal government. To achieve our ambitious goal, the Michigan Voices table coordinates a coalition of social justice organizations that work year-round to inspire collective action and empower individuals to shape a future defined by fairness, equality, and shared prosperity.

The Michigan Voices team supports, trains and works with our partners to
build capacity, membership, and POWER.

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Our mission is to work in service of our table partners and their members who are on the frontlines of protecting and transforming our democracy. We center our partners’ expertise and work collaboratively to support pro-equity, pro-democracy campaigns, and organizing. We exist to provide the scaffolding and infrastructure needed for communities across Michigan to collectivize and scale up the impact of their civic engagement, voter participation, and issue-advocacy efforts. Specifically, we build strategic power by serving as the collaborative space for progressive 501(c)(3) organizations to meet their civic engagement, civic access, and civic representation goals through coordination and by providing capacity support, leadership development, data expertise, and tools.


We center these values at Michigan Voices and strive to build a table aligned with and committed to these core values.

Liberation: We work towards total freedom without oppressive conditions, attitudes, and systems. Our vision is to create a world where individuals have the ability to exercise their agency and live without limitations. A liberated world acknowledges and actively addresses systemic disparities. Our work helps rectify historical and ongoing inequalities by providing resources, opportunities, and support to marginalized or underrepresented individuals so that they may have more decision-making power in their democracy. Our aim is to create conditions where everyone has an equitable chance to thrive and reach their full potential, regardless of their identities.

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Collaboration and Connection: Collaboration is crucial to advancing liberation, a fundamental aspect of our theory of change. We leverage our distinct knowledge, skills, and talents by combining and directing them toward shared objectives. Our organizational strategy prioritizes teamwork and cooperation within and between departments to address interconnected issues and foster positive change.


Civic Engagement: We encourage active participation in our democracy to bring about transformation. By increasing awareness, engaging with the community, building capacity, and supporting informed decision-making, we empower individuals to shape their communities and drive positive change.

Cultivating Strong Relationships: Strong relationships are crucial to our success. We prioritize truthfulness, principled conflict resolution, and compassion for one another. By building deep connections with our partners and colleagues, we can achieve our goals and fulfill our vision. We acknowledge the complexities of human interactions, navigate differences with an open mind and critical eye, and foster understanding even during times of conflict.

Strategic Direction: We utilize our expertise to create effective plans aligned with the community’s goals, leading us closer to our vision. We strategize with partners to increase sustainability and be strategic in addressing the needs of specific identity groups and regions.

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