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In March of 2023, Michigan Voices set out to examine both where we’ve been and where we’re headed in order to route our trajectory going forward. The result of which is the strategic plan before you. Though we have put this plan into words, this is not a static document. In order for MV to be at our most effective, agile, and flexible, goal-setting is an ongoing and continuous process.

The future is, of course, unknown to all of us. As much as we plan, there are always things we did not foresee (COVID-19 being an obvious example). However, that only makes engaging in a strategic planning process all the more important. Having a clear direction, clear goals, and clear plans is crucial for our success, plus having those foundations laid out enables us to pivot when the unexpected happens.


As we grapple with right-wing attacks, an unstable political landscape nationwide, and fluctuating funding, planning for the future, even one we can’t reliably predict, will help to ensure that we are successful in the very important work that we do.

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Download the Strategic Plan Here!

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