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Everybody Votes Campaign (EVC) is hiring!

Everybody Votes Campaign (EVC) is a national non-partisan, not-for-profit hiring staff for a large-scale coordinated civic engagement campaign active through the 2024 election cycle. The campaign aims to create a more representative democracy by registering millions of underrepresented voters across the country. This effort focuses on voter registration in a targeted fashion by conducting at-scale, effective, efficient, metrics-driven registration work.


The Program team is responsible for helping to ensure partners and vendors on the ground have all the tools and support they need to run successful registration programs, and the Program Manager (PM) is at the heart of that effort. The PM sits at the pivot point between EVC and the states - they are in constant communication and collaboration with partners, they understand better than anyone else the goals and plans and challenges of their state, and they serve as a conduit between EVC and partners on expectations, needs, questions, and concerns.

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